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newmoonMarieI don’t know about you but what else does it look like? The wrinkly hands, both facing each other, Edward….(Who’s not sparkling) I have a feeling this is the first New moon scene in the book whereas Bella (in her dream)See what she’ll look like when she’s 90 or 80. What do you think?

{August 30, 2009}   Off hiatus new name

Yep,after a long. And pointless boring two-hour-a-day-only-on-the-computer summer, I am back! Sadly, I’m no longer doing anime reviews ūüė¶ . This is now just a random rambling blog for me, (with some anime news and info) So I thank those who have been reading my reviews,but I’m done now.


I’ve just been way too busy nowadays. With work…And school starting up again, I really can’t anymore,it was real easy but…it got harder and harder,So I don’t think I’ll be doing it anymore. (that and I devote most of my free time to twitter and ning) Real life is just butting in too much,but I will be blogging about my life and what I’m up to (Otaku/Twi-hard stuff) So yeah, I would love to be blogging Fresh Pretty cure! again but… I’m so busy and I haven’t watched it since episode 25. (Yep,that long) And I haven’t been watching SC! much either, I’m not too busy just…too many fillers. Gah!

I really will miss blogging about anime but…Ehh… The anime out right now isn’t very good enough for me…very…Annoying?

Gaming issues -_-

Yeah, I’m into a game, I recommend for all you guys. Its Harvest Moon tree of tranquility. A fun,easy game that I love. Heres a quick story

The great tree of the island has withered away, and with it the Goddess has vanished. It is up to you to revitalize the island, the Goddess, and return the massive tree back to it’s original status.

This is the first Harvest Moon game to use the Wii’s tilt-sensitive controller. You can till your farm soil with a downward movement of the controller, and even water your plants by wiggling the Wiimote back and forth. You also have the ability to select what gender you want to play your character as.

Its extremely easy, you can have up to five pets, and tons of livestock (Goats,Ostriches, Silworms ect.)

Twilight life.



Oh be quiet. Twilight is actually quite good. I especially enjoy our look at the Volutri (Finally!) So where the heck is my pics of Maria,Riley and Royce?

TV Life

Yeah I know…A kids show? But the truth is, I believe in Ghosts and sixth sense and stuff like that.

Yep, I like Whale wars…

{August 29, 2009}   Mermaid melody new info

New info on Mermaid Melody,and whether or not it’ll be in english.

Currently the whole series (Both seasons) have been dubbed,songs and everything. Toei is now holding it under review,if it they agree it should come out on December 14 on Cartoon network, if they do not agree,it won’t. It’s that simple. Now Toei should release it.

To keep you guys calm, heres the cast list (As of now)

Carli Mosier- Rina Toin

Luci Christian – Lucia Nanami

Tiffany Grant – Hippo

Alice Fulks

Josh Grelle

Melissa Pritchett


{July 26, 2009}   Fresh Pretty cure 25


Love Setsuna-chan and Mom are working on Setsunas room. Making Setsuna-chan very happy. Setsuna says it s too much,but Love insists its fine.  Mom gives Love and Setsuna-chan money for some donuts,which they happily to go get some. (Sestuna is soooooo friggin cute when she does what Love does) 

Wester is still mad Eas, resulting in him fuming. He even punches ah wall (Ooohhh Wester) Souler decides its his turn to attack. Meanwhile Setsuna-chan is smiling (OMFG REALLY!?) and running to Kaoru. Kaoru makes a funny face and Setsuna laughs and turns around. Then Doggie who turned evil from eppy 3 comes. Setsuna remembers making the dog turn whacko and hurting the poor little boy. The dog remembers her and growls,making Setsuna even worse. The dog sniffs her,freaking Setsuna out.  The dog decides its okay. And gives Setsuna  a doggie hug!  Love is bringing the girls to Setsuna. The girls find Setsuna playing with the dog, making kiddie happy. The girls also remember Eas attacking doggie. Kiddie is making Setsuna feel guilty,but Doggie makes her happy. Love says Setsuna will be okay, and they get donuts. At their house Setsuna is still feeling guilty. Love is worried about Setsuna and remembers what Miki said. On the other hand Setsuna is having trouble sleeping having nightmares. Love tries to make her feel better. At the park, A nawameke becomes Eas. It scares everyone. Setsuna tries to run away but they stop her. She transforms and defeats it. 


Miyuki freaks out Love?


Animation  A

Plot A

Dialogue A

A +


{July 22, 2009}   Fave cure?

et cetera