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{February 28, 2009}   Shugo chara episode 72

Nana is in Amu’s room and mad at her and her chara’s Later Lula and her Obaa-san are having tea, Her Obaa-san notices her Jewelry and sees her down and she knocks some sense into her! -Not really-

Lulu’s papa makes Japanese food for her which she likes. Ikuto and Yoru are in the green space when Ikuto gets hurt, The stalker’s and Kaouzomi are trying to make Ikuto a robot, which makes him very tired.

At the Royal garden, Obaa-san comes to see them, and Amu is looking like Rima~! She tastes’ nagi’s food but he is insulted. Yaya and Obaa-san have a fight, making Yaya cry. Tadase acts liek a man, and Kiseki Character transforms him, and the two have a fight. Making the gardens depressed, The Obaa-san drags her out and they go to a park and Talk about Lulu who is just Friggin cute as a kid.   Ran is making Suu dizzy, while this is going on and Amu and Obaa-san talk, Obaa-san brings her to Lulu’s house and the two talk.

Lulu and her talk about being friends, while Obaa-san watches on, they both walk in different directions. Lulu’s Mom and her Obaa-san are talking  about Lulu and her “Life” in Japan and the two plan to make her happy. Lulu makes a girl transform with no dream, She transforms into something that has to do with Takoyaki (WTH?)

Amu Kyara nari’s with Ran (again) and they defeat the girl. Amu’s words Touch Lulu and she begins to think about her actions…

Obaa-sama leaves and Amu gets all Fretty.  Obaa-san leaves and Lulu is thinking about her dream.


Another Tadase and Amu episdode, with Chara’s getting int oa fight.

{February 22, 2009}   -.- Why I hate you Summit

878481e3c71c8397c45547b0439421691229630001_fullWoah hot guys for Twilight 0.0

But that’s not my point! Summit destroyed Twilight!

Mike- Much uglier

Eric-Caucasian never said “Baby”

Tyler-She was never “Your girl”

Jessica- Straight hair?No curly

Carlisle: -drools-

Alice- You pwn Vampires who mess with your BFFF You rock!

Also this is the start of my new Banner which will end on the last day of February.

{February 21, 2009}   Shugo chara episode 71 summary

No screen caps, sorry ><.


Amu and Tadase are choosen to watch a bunch of Little kids,near Kairi’s town. While arriving  at the hotel they talk about Kairi . And talk about him, Miki and Kiseki sense a Chara and see Kairi spying on them. Miki is captured, buy Kiseki tells them where they are. Amu, Tadase and Kairi are having tea, while the chara’s are torturing Kiseki. Amu almost spills her Tea, but Kairi stops that.

A kid spills his tea, and Kairi goes and helps him (D’awwwww) Kairi entertains the kids, and teachers,later the teachers about something. The kids are out of hand, but Nikaidou makes planes that the chara’s ride on(And Su scolds Kiseki for standing up in mid air (Lol))

Later, the Amu and Tadase are talking to Kairi about how happy they are that he’s there. Something Amu says makes Kairi sad/mad and he buys a water and Tadase and Amu walk, but Tadase notices Kairi is leaving so he goes over him. Tadase chara changes and makes Kairi bow to him. Leaving him embaressed. Amu is looking for the two, but over hears Tadase and Kairi talking. Amu gets mad at him and the two argue, Amu trying to talk to him about how she feels, making Kairi frustrated, and hurt so he leaves. A kid asks Kairi wat’s wrong,but he thus ignores. At a lake Tadase and Amu are sitting space, whil Kairi is practicing his fighting skills. He wants, to break her ‘happiness’ but Musashi and his flashbacks stop him.

Kairi finds out a kid from Seiyo academy is lost in the woods, Amu is looking for him. Whil Suu trys to find clues from  a Deer. Tadase and Kiseki find Suu, who helps lead them to where amu and the kid is. amu is going  a ravine but she slips and Tadase grabs her.The two relax him but a thunderstorm brews. A tree is struck by lightning and Kairi saves the three. Kairi and Tadase Kyara Nari (With Kairi doing the new thing) they fix the problem and the kid thinks the two are “Cool” Nikaidou brings him back. Kairi apologizes t oAmu, and he forgives him. Something Amu says makes Kairi laugh.


Lulu’s Grandma helps Amu and goes to the Royal Garden, More Lulu improvement.


Plot- B-


Anime – A

Animation – A



Overall- A-

Next post by Cure Peach

Jigoku shoujo Mitsuganae episode 18

{February 16, 2009}   Fresh Pretty cure-episode 03

My Lovely friends~ We will soon have all four Fresh Pretty cures~! I would like to thank a commenter who helped me translate Berry’s attack it’s “Spore Sunshine!” Thank you~


Like always my Summaries are quick, and I usually kepp them short, to use less space.

Inori is walking to school and has a flashback of her and Love talking about Love and Miki dancing with Miyuki, Inori gets sad.

Inori goes to a church and prays.The yellow rod is watching her intently.

At Love’s house Love shows Miki Tart and Chiffon, who are looking intently at Miki.

Inori is walking to the stage and sees that no one is there, she gets sad and goes home. At her house/Animal hospital she sees a boy struggling to walk a dog. At Love’s house Miki is day dreaming about how wonderful being a Pretty cure is, and how rich they could get. The next day, Eas turns a dog into a feroucious Monster~ Oh noesss~ Miki and Love transform. Inori is trying to get everybody to come back. Miki and Love start fighting with the dog but get no where. Inori tells them to stop it and runs in front of the three. Inori gets the dog to lay down and begs them to not hurt it. The dog gets up and is about to attack Inori, but Peach and Berry carry her off. Her phone “Falls” out and yellow rod runs into it, she changes into Cure Pine.  Her attack is “Healing fresh or Shine” something like that.

Next week they use powers to help a clown~! YAY~!






{February 12, 2009}   Valentines day Banner~! -.-

calendar2Happy Valentines Day? Thankfully not yet, I hate Hallmark holidays -.-. But~ But But But But! We’ll get a Valentines filler for like EVERY Anime I watch, (Thankfully not Jigoku Shoujo, Ai is too cool for love).

Why in the world do I Hate Valentines Day? It was created by Hallmark to make People spend their money, Just like Grandmother’s day, or Mothers day, or Father’s day. I just don’t celebrate those days. Now here’s a question I might be asked, If you don’t celebrate why’s their a Banner? There’s a banner just so my other Admin’s aren’t sad.

et cetera