Random Awesomenss (not)

{June 28, 2009}   My wishlist

Like the new nickname?

Okay anyways, I have a wishlist, its short but I like it. here it is

Number 1

wishlist-01This uber cute Cure Passion figurine, 12cm tall with Passion harp thingy too! I haven’t found a site that sells this,but if you find one, tell me in a comment please!

wishlist-02The Dia keychain. I’m sorry but just the way she looks in this is just too freakkin cute! I can’t stand it!

I’m actually thinking on buying it,its only 6.99 plu shipping,which is 9.99,so…

Sample_Picture02Ah the flowers of time…

Now that I am out of school, I will be blogging more, and sumarizing more (hopefully)  I really thank my readers for being patient with me!

Now Fresh Pretty cure!

Basically, Eas has a new card that when she uses it hurts her…

The Cures get so wron out they faint from fatigue and…


curepassionCan you guess who it is?

Eas!And here she is performing “Passion Arrow!”

(for those who love it and have an Igoogle I made it a theme email for the info)

The design I love it, like a Goth Lolita style huh?

et cetera