Random Awesomenss (not)

{July 20, 2009}   Fresh Pretty cure! episode 24


The episode starts out with Setsuna on a clover field, Loves mother approches her and talks to her. Then Love,Buki and Miki are in Loves room talking about Setsuna, they go on a search for her,but are unable to find her. At the evil HQ Wester is angry that Setsuna is a Pretty cure, and Souler makes him even more mad. The girls are still unsuccesful on their hunt. Setsuna is walking down an alleyway, remembering her dark past, and knows she has no where else to go. She walks straight into the girls, and Love brings her to a restraunt with her parents, where Loves mom recognizes Setsuna. Setsuna is embaressed but her parents talk to her and she tells them who she is. Love begins explaining things to Setsuna. Setsuna and Mom look at Cakes, and when reporting back Loves Father goes off the deep end. When they get their food everyone but Setsuna freaks out. Mom,Dad and Love fight,but then laugh it off.

Setsuna thinks back to her past, but then Love asks her if its good(her food) and she says yes. Love acts strange and Setsuna laughs. Meanwhile Wester decides to make a Nawameke bell. (in order to get back at Setsuna)  Love and Setsuna go to the Nawameke and Love transforms, while Setsuna hesitates. Love fights for a while, losing. Setsuna tries to run to Peach but Wester stops her,attacking the town. She gets scared and sad. She then transforms into Cure Passion (loves the transformation sequence) Her and Wester fight. She tells him she is no longer Eas, she is Cure Passion! Pine and Berry show up. While Passion uses her attack, Passion Harp. She destroys the Nawameke. While walking home, Mom asks Setsuna if dinner was good,she says yes and Love is happy. I think Loves mom asks her is she wants to live with them…But I can’t tell. Setsuna begins to cry  and Mom comforts her. Love and Setsuna talk and Love grabs her hand and runs forward singing Setsuna joining in.


So Setsuna DOES live Love.

Okay Setsunas alter ego attacks the Cures.


Plot:    B+

Dialougue:   A

Animation: A

Overall: A-

et cetera