Random Awesomenss (not)

{July 26, 2009}   Fresh Pretty cure 25


Love Setsuna-chan and Mom are working on Setsunas room. Making Setsuna-chan very happy. Setsuna says it s too much,but Love insists its fine.  Mom gives Love and Setsuna-chan money for some donuts,which they happily to go get some. (Sestuna is soooooo friggin cute when she does what Love does) 

Wester is still mad Eas, resulting in him fuming. He even punches ah wall (Ooohhh Wester) Souler decides its his turn to attack. Meanwhile Setsuna-chan is smiling (OMFG REALLY!?) and running to Kaoru. Kaoru makes a funny face and Setsuna laughs and turns around. Then Doggie who turned evil from eppy 3 comes. Setsuna remembers making the dog turn whacko and hurting the poor little boy. The dog remembers her and growls,making Setsuna even worse. The dog sniffs her,freaking Setsuna out.  The dog decides its okay. And gives Setsuna  a doggie hug!  Love is bringing the girls to Setsuna. The girls find Setsuna playing with the dog, making kiddie happy. The girls also remember Eas attacking doggie. Kiddie is making Setsuna feel guilty,but Doggie makes her happy. Love says Setsuna will be okay, and they get donuts. At their house Setsuna is still feeling guilty. Love is worried about Setsuna and remembers what Miki said. On the other hand Setsuna is having trouble sleeping having nightmares. Love tries to make her feel better. At the park, A nawameke becomes Eas. It scares everyone. Setsuna tries to run away but they stop her. She transforms and defeats it. 


Miyuki freaks out Love?


Animation  A

Plot A

Dialogue A

A +


et cetera
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