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{March 2, 2009}   Jigoku shoujo episodes 19-21


A woman named Nakiri Kaori is renown for her flower arrangements, but she herself does not believe she has been performing what she truly wishes to. Seeing her teachers cutting fresh flowers elsewhere, Yuzuki receives a bouquet from the Jigoku Tsushin. She runs into Kaori in town afterwards, who arranges the flowers in exchange for Yuzuki’s buying some yams for her. Kaori had wanted to do this for her because of the clothes she is currently wearing; an outfit usually worn for a funeral service. As the two sit together on the nearby shrine’s steps, Kaori tells Yuzuki about the family duties that she was suppose to inherit. She had left her family despite this, wanting to pursue her own goals. Yuzuki meets two of Kaori’s acquaintances after awhile, Kodakuri and Tsukio, then attending the service with them. To Yuzuki’s surprise, she sees who are supposedly her teachers from school there; the Jigoku Tsushin.

The Jigoku Tsushin worries about Yuzuki’s discovering their true identities, as Yamawaro explains their information gathering skills to Kikuri later. Ai expresses that Yuzuki’s awakening may be soon, suggesting that she would soon have to tell her about her duty. Kaori soon runs into trouble with a woman named Kurozaka Yukina, the supposed daughter of her father. With obviously impure motives, Yukina suggests her wish to fulfill her late mother’s wishes. This would go as far as her inheriting the family’s most valuable assets. Kaori expresses her worry to Tsukio that night, then asking if he has found a wife yet. Tsukio expresses that he would be happy if he could simply serve Kaori from now on, but when Kaori replies by advancing on him, he advices against it. Yuzuki gathers photos of the Jigoku Tsushin from her friends in the meantime, but is surprised when they disappear from her phone later. To Yuzuki’s predictions, Ai appears to reveal that the supposed school teachers are actually her comrades.

As Tsushin discovers more of Yukina’s plot, even involving her poisoning of Kaori, he quickly alerts Kodakuri. When Kaori is served with a drink later, Tsushin quickly drinks the concoction and collapses. Filled with hate, Kaori gains a straw doll from Ai. Kaori is soon told several things about her father, her true relationship with Tsushin, and even a hidden secret within the family. The family did not only own the Nakari-ryu, but another art known as the Hakki-ryu existed. This involved the planting of flowers within those of the deceased. Seeing this, Kaori realizes that this was what she was truly looking for. Starting her first project, Kaori sends Yukina to hell. At a dying Tsushin’s bedside, Kaori agrees to use his body for the first project. When Yuzuki meets Kaori afterwards, she is surprised to learn that she has inherited her family’s duties despite their earlier conversation. Yuzuki is further shocked from news from Ai, however, as she explains that her destiny would be to become Jigoku Shoujo herself.


Yuzuki has a dream where she rushes to stop someone from pulling the string off of a straw doll, as she is passed by a young Tsugumi. To both of the girls’ dismay, they are unable to stop the person’s revenge. When Yuzuki wakes, she finds herself in Tsugumi-sensei’s office. She gets to the point by asking her about the last time they saw each other, and if she knows about the Jigoku Shoujo, but Tsugumi refuses to give Yuzuki a clear answer. The Jigoku Tsushin discuss the coincidence of Tsugumi’s being at their school outside, further wondering about Hajime, but this is interrupted by Ren’s informing them about their current job . Yamawaro and Kikuri approach a large mansion belonging to the client, but upon reaching its gates, they find that they are unable to enter because of an interference.

Yuzuki, Ai, and Tsugumi eventually sense something simultaneously, which turns out to be grudge intended for Tsugumi herself. This brings them, as well as the Jigoku Tsushin, to the large mansion that night. To Yuzuki’s surprise, Tsugumi and Ai greet each other as if they have known each other for quite some time. Upon entering the mansion, Ai quickly shows that her powers are greater than the machinery that prevented the other Jigoku Tsushin members from using their abilities. The group is then introduced to a man named Mizuragi Shogo, the man who held a grudge against Tsugumi.

Shogo’s background is revealed to be that of a researcher, having been an individual that caused many deaths that did not seem to concern him. He one day became extremely interested in hell and the Jigoku Shoujo, realizing why after recalling the day his father mysteriously disappeared from his home. It was his mother who grudged him, and she eventually disappeared as well. The Jigoku Tsushin wonder how Shogo was able to contact them despite not having a true grudge against Tsugumi, so he explains that these emotions were implanted with the assistance of technology.

To the surprise of the Jigoku Tsushin, Ai agrees to give a straw doll to Shogo. But with Tsugumi at the center of his next experiment, and his only half way having pulled the string off of his doll, it is revealed that his assistant Kikyo had put a grudge on him instead. This was done with the assistance of Yamawaro and Kikuri. Kikyo explains that he carried out the grudge that the several children in the lab had on Shogo, as they were used without any concern for them or their relationships. Shogo understands this, then only accepting his fading after leaving the children to Kikyo. While on the ferry to hell, Shogo can only wonder if he would now be able to see his mother.


Realizing that Tsugumi had escaped certain fate from Ai, Yuzuki believes that she herself could avoid becoming Jigoku Shoujo. She eventually comes across a young boy in the park, and as he collapses in front of her, she quickly takes him to her house. When the boy wakes, he explains the normal circumstances he has with his parents and introduces himself as Kaito. Before he goes home, Yuzuki takes the chance to exchange phone numbers with him. As Kaito leaves, Yuzuki recalls what she saw before he woke up. There were marks on Kaito’s body that clearly seemed like they came from another person, and because of her senses, she was able to tell that Kaito planned on contacting the Jigoku Tsushin.

Once Kaito reaches home at the Kikuchi residence, it is revealed that his mother Nanami is pregnant with a girl named Mao. Nanami begins reading a story to Mao after dinner, but when Kaito disturbs her by talking on the phone with Yuzuki downstairs, she quickly punishes him. Yuzuki meets Kaito at school the next day, as she was unable to contact him through phone. Kaito claims that he had simply dropped his phone, and also has to deny Yuzuki’s offer to play a certain game with him. The two do go grocery shopping with each other, but when Nanami finds that some of the eggs Kaito has brought home have cracked, she punishes him once again.

While soothing his wounds, Kaito recalls the first time he had met Nanami. She had presented a hat to him, which he took quite a liking to, before implying her intent to become his new mother. As the Jigoku Tsushin watch Kaito, they can only wonder why he does not bring up such things to his family. Yuzuki worries just as much at her home, but while she does, Kikuri appears to suggest that she simply contact Kaito’s family. Ai meets Kikuri soon after her meddling, then reaffirming that it would be impossible for her to become the next Jigoku Shoujo despite her actions.

Nanami eventually throws out Kaito’s beloved hat, claiming that it was because of talk from their neighbors that he has always been wearing it for the past three years. Kaito runs from the house in tears afterwards, and after finding his hat in the garbage, he finally contacts the Jigoku Tsushin. Yuzuki confronts Kaito about this on a following day, and though she clearly expresses her knowledge about his contacting the correspondence, Kaito claims only to want to return to the days he enjoyed with his happy family before. Of course, Nanami was once a much kinder person to him.

Yuzuki promises to help Kaito, later meeting his father. Though she attempts to convince him that Nanami has been using domestic violence on his son, Kaito’s father refuses to acknowledge any of it. The Jigoku Tsushin are not far away after this confrontation, so Hone makes Yuzuki realize that Kaito’s father has already known this information for quite some time. He simply did not have the confidence to do anything about it. Yuzuki continues to find ways to help Kaito, but time starts to run out as he and his father leave to visit the forest they are partial to.

Yuzuki calls out to the Jigoku Shoujo in a more desperate attempt to stop her, but when Ai appears, she claims that true hell exists in oneself. To prove this, she shows her exactly what is happening between Kaito and his father. As the two play frisbee, Kaito’s father purposely throws the disk into the nearby river. While Kaito fetches it, he confirms that his son loves his mother. He thinks the same of her, but as they would not be able to have happiness if things continued as they are, Kaito’s father almost kills his own son. Kaito pulls the string off of his doll, however, killing off Mao while she is still inside of Nanami. Stopping after seeing what he was about to do, Kaito’s father despairs as his son confirms that things would be alright from now on.

Kaito meets Nanami at the hospital later, expressing how disappointing it was for them to lose Mao, but reminding her that she still has his father and himself. The family spends their time happily together like they did in the past after this, which produces curiosity from both the Jigoku Tsushin and Yuzuki.

{February 10, 2009}   Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae episode 17

Todays episode was about, Hikaru.

Yuzuki goes to see a couple whom’s son drowned in a swamp. When a young lady appears telling her “No one lives here” she leaves, but still sense’s something strange.  Kikuri comes to talk to Waro-waro or “Hikaru” whom’s in straw doll form. The mom can’t tell the difference. It turns out Waro-Waro was her son. And that SHE’S the old Grandma.

Apparently he was born in the mountains, but the G-ma took him in.

The mom begins to talk to Hikaru, but Kikuri stops her.  Apparently, she used the Jigoku Tssushin to kill Hikaru’s murderer.

Hikaru goes to the mansion, but its being swiped into a swampy whirlpool, he sees a vision of the grandma pulling a blanket over him.

Next week”The Special radio”


Plot- 4/5-B



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