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{August 29, 2009}   Mermaid melody new info

New info on Mermaid Melody,and whether or not it’ll be in english.

Currently the whole series (Both seasons) have been dubbed,songs and everything. Toei is now holding it under review,if it they agree it should come out on December 14 on Cartoon network, if they do not agree,it won’t. It’s that simple. Now Toei should release it.

To keep you guys calm, heres the cast list (As of now)

Carli Mosier- Rina Toin

Luci Christian – Lucia Nanami

Tiffany Grant – Hippo

Alice Fulks

Josh Grelle

Melissa Pritchett


{January 1, 2009}   Happy new year~

So Happy new year~ I just got back from the Phantom of The Opera! I cried…… Sooo heres my best 08 things (and worst).


Best things(My version)


Best – Shugo chara

Worst- Paradise Kiss

Theme music

Best- The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya- Bouken Desho Desho.

Worst-Shugo chara-Minna no tamago.


Best- Shugo chara-Gachinko de Ikou

Worst- Mermaid melody- Ai no nadarou C


Best-Shugo Chara Doki-57

Worst-Shugo chara Doki episode 52



Best-The Phantom of The Opera



Best-Wicked-Defying Gravity

Worst- The Phantom of The Opera-Music of the Night.


Best- Idina Menzel

Worst- John Cudio



Best-Black Diamond

Worst- Kiss Kiss Kiss


Best- None





Worst- Donald


Best- Won’t say I’m in love

Worst- Hawaiian Roller Coaster ride.

Annoying-A very unmerry birthday.


Best-Kung fu Panda

Worst-The Robinsons.


Best-Shugo Chara!

Worst- Juyogo Shoujo


Best- Amuto

Worst- Tadamu


Best- Rimahiko

Worst- Luluto

Best New years songs~


Worst-……….????? All I think of you reprise?


Best-Shugo chara Canadian style

Worst- One shots.



Year in review

May 18 2008-Fuyumaidens blog first opens up.

August 2 2008-Shugo chara episode 43, we leave the main plot.

October 4 2008- Doki comes out,horribly.

November 8 2008- Tadase gets in a skirt!

December 25 2008-Xiao Jie makes her own blog!

{December 25, 2008}   Happy Merry christmas!

christmas-pic-5Happy Merry Christmas~  Lol how are ya’ll (Damn I still have my southern accent)Well here’s some pics: 


Um Lol can any guess how funny this is?


And beautiful Mahou Shojo friendship girls~ *fangirl squeal*


See how much fun christmas is with shojo friendship? Espaecially with Amu’s cute pigtails~


It’s me so you should have expected some cute Dia and Amuness in here~. *sigh* I’m a hopeless fangirl who wishes that SCD would get on the main plot…..


and it’s me, the poor person, who loves too much anime……. Sigh this is such a cute evil pair.



Like I said I love cute animes, that includ love, romance, friendship and…MAGICNESS~~~` 


The fact that ‘m listening to Danzen wa Futari wa Prettycure MAXU HART scares me……




Hahaha I ike Kyon as the Mad Hatter and Itsuki as the Cheshire cat. Yuki makes a good white rabbt, Mikuru is like a more nervous Alice and Haruhi IS the Queen of Hearts.


The original Guardians fit in here well because their, awesome. It shows each’s personality perfectly.



Who can’t deny this pictures cuteness? It shows the princesses perfectly. Even small Hippo(look on the cake)



Lolololololol this is the best pic ever. Poor Santa….


And at the end of the list is Lucky Star! How cute huh?


Lol well Happy Merry Christmas~!

{November 28, 2008}   Holiday switch!

Nani?It’s time for the holidays! We have a new schedule! I will instead of screencapping Doki and Aria I will be reviewing them instead. (I just can’t stop looking at Dia and her cuteness!) I will go over Shugo chara! chapters with you, I’ll be talking about different anime. I’ll be reviewing blogs. We’ll be real busy! And to top it off I’ll be making pictures out of randomness!

{November 15, 2008}   Top ten anime girls 6 Sara

furuta-sara1Who can resist this awesome anime girl?

Sara (沙羅?)
Voiced by: Kana Ueda
Sara is the Mermaid Princess of the Indian Ocean and keeper of the orange pearl. She joins Gakuto in his quest to take over the marine world after an incident bestowed her a dark power, turning both her orange hair and her orange pearl pitch black (though her eyes stay orange) and destroying her own kingdom. That incident was a proposed rendezvous with Tarō, her secret human lover, in which he never showed up. (In the manga, he actually arrived before, but Sara’s guardian found out about the relationship and insisted that he leave, convincing Sara that he had abandoned her.) In a fury, Sara unleashed a wave of power, destroying her kingdom and causing the wave which killed Kaito’s parents and from which Lucia saved Kaito. In the manga, her villain name is Black Pearl Voice and she transforms into an idol in a black dress reminiscent of a diva. However, in the anime, she does not transform until she turns good, and instead has the power to sing offensively in a humanoid, amphibious form like the villains and mermaid idols, with or without her E-pitch. In the end, she decides to join the other mermaids as is her duty. She, herself, seals the gate to Gakuto’s castle in the book because it’s her duty and she unsealed the gate after her kingdom was destroyed. In the TV show, Aqua Regina seals the gate and Sara goes with Gaito because she loves him. The manga shows that she goes with him because she realizes that he is the one that needs her the most and that what he did was partly out of love for her and the want to make her happy. She also appears in the second season as a spirit, informing Lucia of the future Orange Pearl Voice and offering her assistance where she can. Sara is also seen singing with the other mermaid princesses in the very last episode of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure.

et cetera