Random Awesomenss (not)

So like the title says we have a new administrator, Fuyumaiden! She’ll be a temporary administrator, though. You see I’m leaving on a big trip tommorow. It’s our annual trip, but we’re making it longer. You see from Monday to Sunday We’ll be at the Oregon Coast. Then from Sunday to Sunday we’ll be at San Francisco and Oakland visisting my Dad. Then from Sunday to Sunday we’ll be at Disneyland! I’m not allowed to bring my laptop because it will ruin my “Quality family time”. You see it’s soooooooooo big this year that  my family from Baton Rouge is coming! And of course I’m in charge of driving Me, My little sister, My two cousins, and my 17 year old sister, Randa. Oh joy……..

EDIT:   Yay! They came in! My sister Randa, and cousin Toni came in! They give a warm welcome to all Otaku! God you sould have heard Randa on the way back.  She was sooo annoying complaining on how I only have burned J-pop CD’s, How I have The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya bobble heads, How I was wearing my” I would die for Haruhi.” T-shirt. How there were Vocaloid bobble heads, How I had Ran, Miki, Su, X-dia, Yoru and Kiseki hanging from my Mirror. “GAH! SHADDAPU!” I yelled. Totally mad. Man I think I’ll email Fuyumaiden a lttle rant for her to post up…  When we got home, She was totally dissing my Shugo Chara! posters. Oh wait I hear a maddening scream….. Yep she got out my SC! towel.  Wait-where was I? Oh yeah. When she walked into my room, Kitten came to see her. “Awww how cute…” She said, till she realized my collar had Aria’s Aria-sacchou figure  attached to it. “Eeek! What did you do it?” She asked. Man she’s bothersome.. Well bye for now!

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