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{April 7, 2009}   Anime- Update

So I haven’t been keeping up on my Anime or Manga or  SCCS Schedule. Sorry~ -.- I’m just really Busy, so heres a quick update on My Schedule.

fresh-pretty-cureFresh Pretty cure

I love this Anime, to tell you I do. And infact this week I’ll be Summarizing it this week (Miyuki  episode!) and I have been watching it, but just blogging it for a while. But yes, I will keep blogging it. I do like it, but I HAVE been busy, I have a life too ^^.

shugo-chara-dokiShugo chara DOKI

I think I’ll do the Summaries of the Main plot, while Erica-chan can do the fillers. ERRRIIIICCCAAA!

{April 1, 2009}   Top ten is Back!

alice___cat_by_robbuzpng*wink wink* Top ten Anime girls is back! We are sooo happy! We’ll get started pronto! Did I also mention, in 39 Amu and Ikuto Kiss?  Now read this lovely blog entry:

The origin of April Fools’ Day is obscure. One likely theory is that the modern holiday was first celebrated soon after the adoption of the Gregorian Calendar; the term referred to someone still adhering to the Julian Calendar which it replaced.[2] In many pre-Christian cultures May Day (May 1) was celebrated as the first day of summer, and signalled the start of the spring planting season. An April Fool was someone who did this prematurely. Another origin is that April 1 was counted the first day of the year in France. When King Charles IX changed that to January 1, some people stayed with April 1. Those who did were called “April Fools” and were taunted by their neighbors.[citation needed] In the eighteenth century the festival was often posited as going back to the times of Noah. An English newspaper article published on April 13th, 1789 said that the day had its origins when he sent the raven off too early, before the waters had receded. He did this on the first day of the Hebrew month that corresponds with April.[3] A possible reference to April Fools’ Day can be seen in the Canterbury Tales (ca 1400) in the Nun’s Priest’s tale, a tale of two fools: Chanticleer and the fox, which took place on March 32nd.[4]

By radio stations

  • BBC Radio 4 (2005): The Today Programme announced in the news that the long-running serial The Archers had changed their theme tune to an upbeat disco style.[18]
  • Death of a mayor: In 1998, local WAAF shock jocks Opie and Anthony reported that Boston mayor Thomas Menino had been killed in a car accident. Menino happened to be on a flight at the time, lending credence to the prank as he could not be reached. The rumor spread quickly across the city, eventually causing news stations to issue alerts denying the hoax. The pair were fired shortly thereafter.[19]
  • Phone call: In 1998, UK presenter Nic Tuff of West Midlands radio station Kix 96 pretended to be the British Prime Minister Tony Blair when he called the then South African President Nelson Mandela for a chat. It was only at the end of the call when Nic asked Nelson what he was doing for April Fools’ Day that the line went dead.[20]
  • Jovian-Plutonian gravitational effect: In 1976, British astronomer Sir Patrick Moore told listeners of BBC Radio 2 that unique alignment of two planets would result in an upward gravitational pull making people lighter at precisely 9:47 a.m. that day. He invited his audience to jump in the air and experience “a strange floating sensation.” Dozens of listeners phoned in to say the experiment had worked.[21]
  • Shuttle landing: In 1993, Dave Rickards of Dave, Shelly, and Chainsaw, the morning show for San Diego’s 101.5 KGB fooled many listeners into believing that the space shuttle had been diverted from Edwards Air Force Base and was about to make an emergency landing at Montgomery Field, a small local airport.[citation needed]
  • “National Public Radio” Every year National Public Radio in the United States does an extensive news story on April 1st. These usually start off more or less reasonably, and get more and more unusual. A recent example is the story on the “iBod” a portable body control device.[22] In 2008 it reported that the IRS, to assure rebate checks were actually spent, was shipping consumer products instead of checks.[23] It also runs false sponsor mentions, such as “Support for NPR comes from the Soylent Corporation, manufacturing protein-rich food products in a variety of colors. Soylent Green is People.”[24]

By television stations

  • After 50 years, the 1957 BBC report of the purported bumper annual spaghetti harvest (see Spaghetti trees above) remains one of the most successful TV hoaxes of all time.
  • The Trouble with Tracy: In 2003, The Comedy Network in Canada announced that it would produce and air a remake of the 1970s Canadian sitcom The Trouble with Tracy. The original series is widely considered to be one of the worst sitcoms ever produced. Several media outlets fell for the hoax.[25]
  • In 2006, the BBC reported that the door to No. 10 Downing Street, the official residence of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, had been painted red. They showed footage of workmen carrying a red door. Red was the official colour of the political party which formed the government at the time. The same story was also reported in the British newspaper, The Daily Mail which credited the new design to April Fewell. The door is in fact black.[26]
  • In 2008, the BBC reported on a newly discovered colony of flying penguins. An elaborate video segment was even produced, featuring Terry Jones (of Monty Python fame) walking with the penguins in Antarctica, and following their flight to the Amazon rainforest. [27]
  • In 1980, the BBC reported a proposed change to the famous clock tower known as Big Ben. The reporters stated that the clock would go digital. [28]
  • On Comedy Central, the creators of South Park aired a fake episode of Terrance and Phillip titled “Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus instead of running the season premier which was supposed to reveal the father of Eric Cartman.

By magazines, newspapers, and books

  • George Plimpton wrote a 1985 article in Sports Illustrated about a New York Mets prospect named Sidd Finch, who could throw a 168 mph (270 km/h) fastball with pinpoint accuracy. This kid, known as “Barefoot” Sidd[hartha] Finch, reportedly learned to pitch in a Buddhist monastery. The first letter of each word in the article subhead spelled out the fact of its being an April Fool joke.[29]
  • Lies to Get You Out of the House: In 1985, the L.A. Weekly printed an entire page of fake things to do on April Fools’ Day, by which hundreds of people were fooled.[30]
  • Comic strip switcheroo: Cartoonists of popularly syndicated comic strips draw each others’ strips. In some cases, the artist draws characters in the other strip’s milieu, while in others, the artist draws in characters from other visiting characters from his own. Cartoonists have done this sort of “switcheroo” for several years. The 1997 switch was particularly widespread.[31]
  • Coldplay to back the Tories – On April 1 2006 the UK Guardian journalist “Olaf Priol” claimed that Chris Martin of rock band Coldplay had decided to publicly support the UK Conservative Party leader David Cameron due to his disillusionment with previous Labour Party prime minister Tony Blair,[32] even going so far as to produce a fake song, “Talk to David”, that could be downloaded via the Guardian website.[33] Despite being an obvious hoax, the Labour Party’s Media Monitoring Unit were concerned enough to circulate the story throughout “most of the government”.[34]

By game shows

  • As part of an April Fools’ joke on April 1, 1997, Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak switched hosting duties. Sajak hosted Jeopardy! that day and Trebek hosted Wheel of Fortune where Sajak and Vanna White played as contestants. Jeopardy! announcer Johnny Gilbert did double duties that day. A puzzle during the episode also featured Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious as an answer.[35]
  • On April 1, 2008, Jeopardy! played another joke by having Alex Trebek appear with a false mustache, a reference to the minor controversy that followed when he shaved his off in 2001. The fake was gone by the Double Jeopardy round.
  • A common The Price Is Right gag is an April Fools’ Day themed showcase featuring assortments of gag prizes (such as trips to made up locations) or by staging the entire showcase to fall apart. However, once the deception was revealed, the real showcase the contestant was to bid on usually consisted of extravagant prizes, such as two cars, or a premium car (Cadillac or Corvette). The practice is best known from the 1980s, but was revived in the Drew Carey era in 2008. The 2009 April Fool’s Day gag will also feature the show’s increased use of guests; Kathy Kinney, who played Carey’s nemesis on his eponymous sitcom, makes an appearance during the Showcase.[36]
  • In 2003, Hollywood Squares producers played an April Fools joke on host Tom Bergeron and the stars by booking two of the most difficult contestants ever. The contestants were in fact actors.[37]

By websites

On April 1, 2009, Wikipedia’s homepage features the “Museum of Bad Art” as well as various comical recent events.

  • Kremvax: In 1984, in one of the earliest on-line hoaxes, a message was circulated that Usenet had been opened to users in the Soviet Union.[38]
  • April Fools’ Day RFC
  • Google’s hoaxes
  • Dead fairy hoax: In 2007, an illusion designer for magicians posted on his website some images illustrating the corpse of an unknown eight-inch creation, which was claimed to be the mummified remains of a fairy. He later sold the fairy on eBay for £280.[39]
  • NationStates runs an annual hoax on April 1st. In 2004, the hoax was that there was a population bug and all nations’ populations would be reset to 5 million people. In 2005, there was a message (supposedly from the Department of Homeworld Security) that NationStates was illegal by US law. In 2006, NationDates was created. It used a quiz similar to the one taken at the sign-up page, and matched that nation with a random country in the same region. In 2007, many users received “Regional moderator” icons with the promise that they would be able to “wield their awesome power” over other users. For April Fools’ Day 2008, NationStates has created a new “World Assembly” in the place of the United Nations, as they had received a cease and desist notice from the United Nations for using its name without consent.[40] This was later revealed to be a non-hoax, and that the inspiration to use it as an April Fools joke came from the assumption it was too unbelievable [41]
  • Water on Mars: In 2005 a news story was posted on the official NASA website purporting to have pictures of water on Mars. The picture actually was just a picture of a glass of water on a Mars Candy Bar.[42]
  • Microsoft Research Reclaims Value of Pi: In 2008, an executive with the Microsoft Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments posted on his personal blog an updated spoof of the 1998 April Fools hoax claiming Alabama’s state legislature had rounded the value of pi to the “Biblical value of 3.” The 2008 hoax claimed that Microsoft Research had determined the true-up value of pi to be a definitive 3.141999, or as expressed in company literature, “Three easy payments of 1.047333.”[43]
  • Assassination of Bill Gates: In 2003, many Chinese and South Korean websites claimed that CNN reported Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, was assassinated, resulting in a 1.5% drop in the Korean stock market.[44]
  • SARS Infects Hong Kong: In 2003 during the time when Hong Kong was seriously hit by SARS, it was rumored that many people in Hong Kong had become infected with SARS and become uncontrolled, that all immigration ports would be closed to quarantine the region, and that Tung Chee Hwa, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong at that time, had resigned. Hong Kong supermarkets were immediately overwhelmed by panicked shoppers. The Hong Kong government held a press conference to deny the rumor. The rumor, which was intended as an April Fools’ prank, was started by a student by imitating the design of Ming Pao newspaper website. He was charged for this incident.[45]
  • www.howstuffworks.com does an annual bogus article. In 2006, it was “How Animated Tattoos Work”; in 2007 “How Phone Cell Implants Work”; in 2008 “How the Air Force One Hybrid Works”..[46]
  • Motoshi Sakriboto: In 2007, the Square Enix fansite Square Haven reported that game music composers Motoi Sakuraba and Hitoshi Sakimoto had announced a merger. The resulting amalgamated life form was named Motoshi Sakriboto. The hoax played off the fact that when rival role-playing game developers SquareSoft and Enix merged on April 1, 2003, many believed the news to be an April Fools’ joke.[47]
  • In 2008, Australian video gaming website company MyMedia, released information and previews on MyMedia: The Movie, the supposed upcoming movie was to be animated and produced by the Australian Film Commission, it was confirmed fake a few days after.[48] The movie was supposedly based on a comic series created by one of the site’s editorial staff, Matt Kelly.[49] This has since become an on going website gag about over hyping the non-existent movie through various additional trailers.[50]
  • ScoringSessions.com announced that composer John Williams was replaced by Danny Elfman on the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – and provided photos from the scoring sessions.[51]
  • RISKS Digest often publishes a special April 1st issue. [52]
  • ThinkGeek sends an e-newsletter containing mostly false products each year. [53] Several of these products have actually become real products due to customer demand, for example the 8-Bit Ties.
  • IGN, a famous video game website, created a Legend of Zelda movie trailer which looked realistic on April Fools Day. Many people were excited and tricked into believing that a real Legend of Zelda movie was coming out, but then IGN revealed that it was a fake. Later rumors were spread that a REAL Legend of Zelda film is going to be made.
  • YouTube – All of the featured videos on YouTube’s front page hyperlinked to the Rickroll. The prank began with international YouTube portals before appearing on the main site.[54]

Real news on April Fools’ Day

The frequency of April Fools’ hoaxes sometimes makes people doubt real news stories released on April 1.

The 1946 April Fools’ Day tsunami in Hilo, Hawaii.

  • The April 1, 1946 Aleutian Island earthquake tsunami that killed 165 people in Hawaii and Alaska resulted in the creation of a tsunami warning system (specifically the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre), established in 1949 for Pacific Ocean countries. The tsunami in question is known in Hawaii as the “April Fools’ Day Tsunami” due to people drowning because of the assumptions that the warnings were an April Fools’ prank.
  • The death of King George II of Greece on April 1, 1947.
  • The AMC Gremlin was first introduced on April 1, 1970.[55]
  • On April 1, 1993, NASCAR Winston Cup Series Champion Alan Kulwicki was killed in a plane crash involving Hooters of America executives in Blountville, Tennessee near the Tri-Cities Airport. The party was traveling to the Food City 500 qualifying scheduled for the next day.
  • The 2005 death of comedian Mitch Hedberg was originally dismissed as an April Fools’ joke. The comedian’s March 29, 2005 death was announced on March 31, but many newspapers didn’t carry the story until April 1, 2005.
  • Gmail‘s April 2004 launch was widely believed to be a prank, as Google traditionally perpetrates April Fools’ Day hoaxes each April 1 (see Google’s hoaxes.) Another Google-related event that turned out not to be a hoax occurred on April 1, 2007, when employees at Google’s New York City office were alerted that a ball python kept in an engineer’s cubicle had escaped and was on the loose. An internal e-mail acknowledged that “the timing…could not be more awkward” but that the snake’s escape was in fact an actual occurrence and not a prank.[56]
  • The merger of Square and its rival company, Enix, took place on April 1, 2003, and was originally thought to be a joke.
  • The announcement of the anime version of the Powerpuff Girls, Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z, was on April Fools’ Day causing many to think it was a joke.
  • The game Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games was announced only a couple days before April Fools’ Day. Forums were flooded because so many thought that the two rivals since the 90’s, Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, appearing together in a video game as an official 2008 Olympics game was a joke.
  • British sprinter Dwain Chambers joined English rugby league team Castleford Tigers shortly before 1st April 2008. The athlete was attempting a return to top flight athletics at the time following a high profile drugs ban, and his apparent unfamiliarity with rugby led many people to assume this was an April Fools’ Day prank.
  • On April 1st, 2008, it was reported that UEFA would require the Swedish fast food chain Max to close their restaurant at the Borås Arena during the European Under-21 Football Championship due to a conflict with official sponsor McDonalds and a requirement that only official sponsors may operate around the arena. The arena was later replaced as a tournament site.[57]
  • On April 1, 1984, singer Marvin Gaye was shot and killed by his father. Originally, people assumed that it was a fake news story, especially considering the bizarre aspect of the father being the murderer.

On April 1, 2008, Christian Persch announced that the GNOME desktop web browser Epiphany would be switched from Mozilla‘s Gecko engine to the WebKit engine used by Safari and KDE‘s equivalent application Konqueror [58


{February 28, 2009}   Shugo chara episode 72

Nana is in Amu’s room and mad at her and her chara’s Later Lula and her Obaa-san are having tea, Her Obaa-san notices her Jewelry and sees her down and she knocks some sense into her! -Not really-

Lulu’s papa makes Japanese food for her which she likes. Ikuto and Yoru are in the green space when Ikuto gets hurt, The stalker’s and Kaouzomi are trying to make Ikuto a robot, which makes him very tired.

At the Royal garden, Obaa-san comes to see them, and Amu is looking like Rima~! She tastes’ nagi’s food but he is insulted. Yaya and Obaa-san have a fight, making Yaya cry. Tadase acts liek a man, and Kiseki Character transforms him, and the two have a fight. Making the gardens depressed, The Obaa-san drags her out and they go to a park and Talk about Lulu who is just Friggin cute as a kid.   Ran is making Suu dizzy, while this is going on and Amu and Obaa-san talk, Obaa-san brings her to Lulu’s house and the two talk.

Lulu and her talk about being friends, while Obaa-san watches on, they both walk in different directions. Lulu’s Mom and her Obaa-san are talking  about Lulu and her “Life” in Japan and the two plan to make her happy. Lulu makes a girl transform with no dream, She transforms into something that has to do with Takoyaki (WTH?)

Amu Kyara nari’s with Ran (again) and they defeat the girl. Amu’s words Touch Lulu and she begins to think about her actions…

Obaa-sama leaves and Amu gets all Fretty.  Obaa-san leaves and Lulu is thinking about her dream.


Another Tadase and Amu episdode, with Chara’s getting int oa fight.

{February 21, 2009}   Shugo chara episode 71 summary

No screen caps, sorry ><.


Amu and Tadase are choosen to watch a bunch of Little kids,near Kairi’s town. While arriving  at the hotel they talk about Kairi . And talk about him, Miki and Kiseki sense a Chara and see Kairi spying on them. Miki is captured, buy Kiseki tells them where they are. Amu, Tadase and Kairi are having tea, while the chara’s are torturing Kiseki. Amu almost spills her Tea, but Kairi stops that.

A kid spills his tea, and Kairi goes and helps him (D’awwwww) Kairi entertains the kids, and teachers,later the teachers about something. The kids are out of hand, but Nikaidou makes planes that the chara’s ride on(And Su scolds Kiseki for standing up in mid air (Lol))

Later, the Amu and Tadase are talking to Kairi about how happy they are that he’s there. Something Amu says makes Kairi sad/mad and he buys a water and Tadase and Amu walk, but Tadase notices Kairi is leaving so he goes over him. Tadase chara changes and makes Kairi bow to him. Leaving him embaressed. Amu is looking for the two, but over hears Tadase and Kairi talking. Amu gets mad at him and the two argue, Amu trying to talk to him about how she feels, making Kairi frustrated, and hurt so he leaves. A kid asks Kairi wat’s wrong,but he thus ignores. At a lake Tadase and Amu are sitting space, whil Kairi is practicing his fighting skills. He wants, to break her ‘happiness’ but Musashi and his flashbacks stop him.

Kairi finds out a kid from Seiyo academy is lost in the woods, Amu is looking for him. Whil Suu trys to find clues from  a Deer. Tadase and Kiseki find Suu, who helps lead them to where amu and the kid is. amu is going  a ravine but she slips and Tadase grabs her.The two relax him but a thunderstorm brews. A tree is struck by lightning and Kairi saves the three. Kairi and Tadase Kyara Nari (With Kairi doing the new thing) they fix the problem and the kid thinks the two are “Cool” Nikaidou brings him back. Kairi apologizes t oAmu, and he forgives him. Something Amu says makes Kairi laugh.


Lulu’s Grandma helps Amu and goes to the Royal Garden, More Lulu improvement.


Plot- B-


Anime – A

Animation – A



Overall- A-

Next post by Cure Peach

Jigoku shoujo Mitsuganae episode 18

{February 2, 2009}   Shugo chara episode list
69 “First Love? Love Attack!”
“Hatsukoi? Rabu Atakku!” (初恋? ラブアタック!)
Mamoru Enomoto Toshizō Nemoto February 7, 2009
70 “I Hate Chocolate!?”
“Choko nanka Daikkirai!?” (チョコなんか大っきらい!?)
February 14, 2009
71 “Tough Road of Integrity! Kairi Returns!”
“Kewashiki Makoto no Michi! Kairi Futatabi!” (険しき誠の道! 海里再び!)
February 21, 2009
72 “How Seismic! Grandma Appears!!”
“Gekishin! Obāsama Tōjō!!” (激震! おばあさま登場!!)
February 28, 2009

et cetera