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{July 22, 2009}   Fave cure?

{March 14, 2009}   Shugo Chara DOKI! Ep. 23

Shugo Chara DOKI! Episode 23: An Exciting White Day!


sorry i’ve been totally inactive lately, but i thought i’d offer up SCD 23.
TADAMU EPISODE!!!! i was sooo happy when i saw the preview, since i LOVE Tadamu. Amuto is cute, but definately not my fave pairing.

so Ikuto’s living at Amu’s. again. ^^; what is that girl going to do…so anyways, it’s March 14, White Day, which, if you don’t know, is the day boys give chocolate to the girls who gave them chocolate on Valentine’s day.  Tadase came over to Amu’s and CONFESSED TO HER! it was so cute! however, it was eavesdropped upon by, of course, Ikuto and Yoru who Amu had chucked in her closet. Later, once Tadase’s left, and Amu’s dad has calmed down, (he ran around for ‘hours’ when Tadase went into Amu’s room. :D) Ikuto comes out of the closet, and repeats some of what Tadase said. quite cute.

so that is a VERY basic summary of what happened, because i’m a) lazy b) have other news.

I was watching YTV the other day, and ‘Pretty Cure’ came on! i was excited, because i know my fellow Admin likes the show, but it was dubbed. for me the issue is sometimes shows are ruined by dubbing, like Tokyo Mew Mew, which i have actually never seen, but i’ve heard they destroyed it with the dub. but apparently, 4KidsTV has taken an interest in Shugo Chara, and want to dub it, and put it on their channel! the only bad thing for me would be voices, and maybe they’d add more fillers. oh well, we’ll see.

{February 12, 2009}   Valentines day Banner~! -.-

calendar2Happy Valentines Day? Thankfully not yet, I hate Hallmark holidays -.-. But~ But But But But! We’ll get a Valentines filler for like EVERY Anime I watch, (Thankfully not Jigoku Shoujo, Ai is too cool for love).

Why in the world do I Hate Valentines Day? It was created by Hallmark to make People spend their money, Just like Grandmother’s day, or Mothers day, or Father’s day. I just don’t celebrate those days. Now here’s a question I might be asked, If you don’t celebrate why’s their a Banner? There’s a banner just so my other Admin’s aren’t sad.

Shugo Chara! Doki! Episode 68: Goodbye Yamabuki Saaya

By: Erica (the new admin! YAY FOR FIRST POST!)


Another filler. Woot. NOT. Another pointless filler, this time with everyone’s favourite self-centered egotistic Saaya. SPOILER:  Saaya’s transferring to Los Angeles!

Saaya's leaving!

Saaya's leaving!

That’s actually the opener, kinda. Anyways, this whole thing started with Saaya insisting on a farewell party for her. Unfortunately for her, the other kids, not her fanclub, all decided it was a ‘Yamabuki’s showing off’ party. So Saaya reveals her true intentions. A THREE PART CELEBRITY DUEL! WOO! Obviously between Saaya, and the Cool and Spicy Hinamori Amu!

Saaya challenges Amu to a 'Celebrity Duel'

Saaya challenges Amu to a 'Celebrity Duel'

The duel includes three parts, all that Amu wins. After the challenge, Saaya is feeling down. Amu feels back, so she invites Saaya to the Royal Garden for a farewell party! Saaya leaves the party, feeling down because the Guardians seem so happy.

So laadeedah, I don’t like giving away spoilers so that’s all I’m saying.  Sorry about it being a week or so late. My computer hasn’t been working, and I have SCCS to write, so yeah. Anyways here is my thoughts:

All in all,  a pretty funny filler. Saaya amuses me, and it’s always enjoyable to see Amu confused. 😀 See you next week! 😀

{January 30, 2009}   New administrator…Lollipopkid1~!

shugo_chara_oc_chara_nari_3_by_night_faeryOoohhhhhhh~! I am sooooooooooooooooo happy to announce our new administartor, Lollipopkid1.

While I don’t know what she’ll be doing, I want you to be nice to her~!

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