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{November 28, 2008}   Holiday switch!

Nani?It’s time for the holidays! We have a new schedule! I will instead of screencapping Doki and Aria I will be reviewing them instead. (I just can’t stop looking at Dia and her cuteness!) I will go over Shugo chara! chapters with you, I’ll be talking about different anime. I’ll be reviewing blogs. We’ll be real busy! And to top it off I’ll be making pictures out of randomness!

{November 7, 2008}   Weekly Anime review 3

Shugo chara Doki 0As promised whatever was voted most got to be on my Weekly Anime review.

Shugo Chara!! Doki- 56: This episode was good except Lulu was still in it. STUPIDLULUMESSINGUPSHUGOCHARA! Anyways Nagi! Your back! And unfortunately  Ikuto’s arc will be starting soon .  DANG YOU SATELIGHT!!!!!!!!  scd56-27 nO COMMENT ON PIC BELOW.

Lucky Star: 1921-lucky_star I LUVE THIS SHOW! (Sorry Im listening to Thriller by Michael Jackson just got back from my prom and we did the thriller dance!) My favorite character is Kagami definitely! “The stand and face the hounds of hell and rot inside a corpse shell” Sorry listening to  Thriller. Her WTF? Look at that pic cracks me up! Alright the plot is strange following the lives of the girls. There is no main plot, but it is still good. Haruhi fans, this is a MUST see!

Clannad: As promised I have clannad. Here’s some info:


Clannad’s story revolves around a group of five girls whose lives are connected to the same boy. Tomoya Okazaki is a third year high school student who dislikes his life. Tomoya’s mother (Atsuko) died when Tomoya was young, leaving his father (Naoyuki) to raise him. After the accident, Tomoya’s father turned to alcohol and gambling, and held frequent fights with his son. One day, Naoyuki, again arguing with his son, slammed Tomoya against the wall, dislocating Tomoya’s shoulder. Ever since then, his father has treated Tomoya nicely, but distantly, as if Tomoya and he were strangers rather than a family. This hurts Tomoya more than his previous relationship with his father, and the awkwardness of returning home leads Tomoya constantly to stay out all night. Additionally, the injury disables Tomoya from participating in his basketball club, and pushes him to distance himself from his school and other activities. Thus his delinquent life begins. Tomoya’s good friend Youhei Sunohara, who got thrown out of the soccer club for a dispute, is also a delinquent and often hangs out in his dorm room with Tomoya doing nothing much.

The story opens on Monday April 14, 2003 at the beginning of the school year, when Tomoya finds that his life is about to change when he chances upon Nagisa Furukawa, a soft-spoken girl one year older than him who is repeating her last year in high school due to being sick much of the previous year. Her goal is to join the drama club which she was unable to do due to her sickness, but they find that the drama club was disbanded after all the members graduated. Since Tomoya has a lot of time to kill, he starts to help Nagisa in reforming the drama club. During this period, Tomoya meets and hangs out with several other girls who he gets to know well and help with their individual problems.

In the second part of the story, which starts immediately after the end of the first part, but extends into the next ten years, Tomoya and Nagisa live together as a family. Tomoya has to endure several hardships that the family has been suffering from, mainly involving Nagisa’s illness. However, just after Nagisa gave birth to their first child, Ushio, she dies, leaving Tomoya to fall into a state of depression which causes Nagisa’s parents, Akio and Sanae to look after Ushio. Five years later, Tomoya meets Shino Okazaki, his grandmother on his father’s side. Shino explains to Tomoya about his father’s past and tragedy, similar to Tomoya’s current situation after Nagisa’s death. After hearing that, he decides to raise Ushio and acknowledge Naoyuki as his father. Unfortunately, Ushio is struck with the same disease as Nagisa not long after this event. In the coming winter, wanting to do anything for Ushio, Tomoya brings Ushio for a trip, but Ushio fell unconscious and dies shortly after, and presumably Tomoya dies. Wanting to save themselves from this tragic fate, Ushio becomes the girl in the illusionary world, calling garbage doll (Tomoya) to collect the happiness around the city to create a miracle and save Nagisa and themselves.

Tomoya’s psychology is further developed in his dreams of a bleak world called the Illusionary World (幻想世界 Gensō Sekai?). In the first few dreams of that kind, he sees a world which is devoid of all people except for one girl, whom is never shown in the original game but is spoken of (she is shown in the anime version). Each time he dreams, he finds out more about the world. Later on, Tomoya finds out that the girl has a special ability to fuse junk together to create new things, with which she creates a body for him. Thus he is reborn in this world, and fills time following the girl around. Tomoya conceives that only the two of them are “alive”. To pass time, Tomoya and the girl try to build another doll with more junk they find, but as it has no soul, it fails to come to life. Eventually, winter sets in, and the girl becomes cold to the point where she cannot move any more. Remembering a distant world where he came from, Tomoya convinces the girl to build a ship so that the two can escape the winter and continue a happy life. However, their flight is doomed to meet tragedy.

clannad And my poll:

{October 31, 2008}   Weekly anime review 2!

Sorry for the late post halloween’s been in the way. Usually my review is on wednesday but I had to help my little sister get ready for it (costumes, party etc.) But anyways I have a poll for you!!!!

  Now back to my post……………………

Shugo Chara!! Doki- episode 55

You know thinking about what fuyumaiden said about Shugo Chara!!Doki- isn’t half bad if you watch it with low expectations and make fun of everything. This whole Lulu thing is making Shugo Chara really horrible and boring. Well let’s see. I’d give it a on a scale from 0-5 (5 being bad and 1 being good) I give it a 1,000,000,000,000. Utau made things better but still it wasn’t good. Espicially the new Kyara Nari with Music note wings. S-C-A-R-Y~!  Maybe Nagihiko will make things better for us. Nagi~!Paradise Kiss: While reading Otaku USA I stumbled across this anime. It is definitely for people 16 and up. *note kids skip to Haruhi suzumiya NOW) While the porn is minimum and the sex scenes are nearly none, this is just not a kids anime. The pairings are a little awkward but there still is some plot between them.  I would rate this at a (1 being awesome 2 being good 3 being OK 4 being bad and 5 being horrible) a 2.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: This one is last because it is pretty good.  love it!     The whole normal girl turn sci-fi is awesome. I espicially love Mikuru (Redish hair left). While the main character is Haruhi Kyon is usually the narrato who comments on things etc. I will give this anime a 1!!!!! PREVIEW: SHUGO CHARA 56, LUCKY STAR AND WHATEVER IS MOST VOTED.

{October 23, 2008}   Weekly anime review 1!

I can honestly say I am TIRED! But before I rant about my tiredness Lets get to Shugo Chara!

Shugo Chara episode 54 I was definitely NOT looking forward to Miss Lulu I think of her as a lame Utau copy.

She’s really worthless if you ask me. I don’t care about filler girls though…… There wastes of time. She’s just going to be really annoying and useless. But at least she keeps us entertained with her stupidity. At least this wasn’t a pairing episode those make me mad. I mean if it’s based on the main plot I’m fine. But if it isn’t I’m mad. Ahhhhhhh satelight what are we going to do with you? Anyways moving on this Shugo Chara! Episode was pretty much boring. Except for the end I guess it was alright.

And Nana’s a bratty chara. SCARY.

Aria the animation: And Im into a new anime! Yay! For those looking for those anime fans who like calming anime’s this is perfect. Unless you HATE those annoying mascots you’ll want to kill Aria-sacchou. But if you love those little mascots but hate those overly good-sweet-people you’ll want to kill Alicia-san. The main plot is about a girl (Akari is the one with pink hair) Who is trying to be a prime Undine which is basically a person who takes people on gondolas. Anyone this is one anime you’ll love.

et cetera