Random Awesomenss (not)

{November 16, 2008}   BIG imagination sister.

saraauditionToday my Little sister Autumn (Auti for short) who’s about 7 came to stay with me for once, since I moved out a couple of months ago. When she was dropped off she had about a jillion things in her arms. I asked my mom what is it. She told me ” Who knows?”. Well later that day she asked to use my computer (before it crashed) She shrunk a pic of Sarah Palin then using paint.net she Made it Sat “Palin in 2012.” She printed then pasted it to a white tube she had made. She made a sliding ramp/bed thing. Then she asked me where the scissors were. When I told her she got them. Then she SHAVED her Barbie’s hair off! I was like “STFU..Waaiiitooo! WTF?”  She simply replied ” My barbie, Lulu has cancer!”  I simply fell off my chair laughing harder then I did in Shugo Chara! episode 58! I asked her ” Lulu as in stupid fugly Shugo Chara Doki Lulu?” She said “Yes.” After that she gave her a cat scan, gave her a nose job. Then got out a CD a car, Ken (Who she named Ikuto) and a Barbie (Who she named Sakura (guess she didn’t want her to be Amu?)). She put the CD in my CD player, then put it to a song and rein acted Barbie girl! After that she rein acted Lollipop! This day was hectic. Anyways to  apoligize for this post here’s a cute pic of My dog King Kong and Kitten Shaoran playing:my-pics-004

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