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newmoonMarieI don’t know about you but what else does it look like? The wrinkly hands, both facing each other, Edward….(Who’s not sparkling) I have a feeling this is the first New moon scene in the book whereas Bella (in her dream)See what she’ll look like when she’s 90 or 80. What do you think?

{February 21, 2009}   Shugo chara episode 71 summary

No screen caps, sorry ><.


Amu and Tadase are choosen to watch a bunch of Little kids,near Kairi’s town. While arriving  at the hotel they talk about Kairi . And talk about him, Miki and Kiseki sense a Chara and see Kairi spying on them. Miki is captured, buy Kiseki tells them where they are. Amu, Tadase and Kairi are having tea, while the chara’s are torturing Kiseki. Amu almost spills her Tea, but Kairi stops that.

A kid spills his tea, and Kairi goes and helps him (D’awwwww) Kairi entertains the kids, and teachers,later the teachers about something. The kids are out of hand, but Nikaidou makes planes that the chara’s ride on(And Su scolds Kiseki for standing up in mid air (Lol))

Later, the Amu and Tadase are talking to Kairi about how happy they are that he’s there. Something Amu says makes Kairi sad/mad and he buys a water and Tadase and Amu walk, but Tadase notices Kairi is leaving so he goes over him. Tadase chara changes and makes Kairi bow to him. Leaving him embaressed. Amu is looking for the two, but over hears Tadase and Kairi talking. Amu gets mad at him and the two argue, Amu trying to talk to him about how she feels, making Kairi frustrated, and hurt so he leaves. A kid asks Kairi wat’s wrong,but he thus ignores. At a lake Tadase and Amu are sitting space, whil Kairi is practicing his fighting skills. He wants, to break her ‘happiness’ but Musashi and his flashbacks stop him.

Kairi finds out a kid from Seiyo academy is lost in the woods, Amu is looking for him. Whil Suu trys to find clues from  a Deer. Tadase and Kiseki find Suu, who helps lead them to where amu and the kid is. amu is going  a ravine but she slips and Tadase grabs her.The two relax him but a thunderstorm brews. A tree is struck by lightning and Kairi saves the three. Kairi and Tadase Kyara Nari (With Kairi doing the new thing) they fix the problem and the kid thinks the two are “Cool” Nikaidou brings him back. Kairi apologizes t oAmu, and he forgives him. Something Amu says makes Kairi laugh.


Lulu’s Grandma helps Amu and goes to the Royal Garden, More Lulu improvement.


Plot- B-


Anime – A

Animation – A



Overall- A-

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