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{July 17, 2009}   Cure Passion! my thoughts


So all of my (little) readers know how in the beginning of the  series, I was anxiously waiting the arrival of the fourth Cure,hoping it would be Miyuki. I was oblivious to Setsuna’s growing friendship with the Cures though. And you all know I enjoyed last weeks episode, crying through much of it. Now I realize why Setsuna was chosen. For one thing,(I’m stealing Tsukasas view) in the beginning she wasn’t perfectly Cure type.  She was alive,but zombie like. Obsessive. Miyuki,was Cure Type. She had the heart,the will and the determination. So we got development of Eas. Which we didn’t get for Miyuki. The reason? Well they wanted something different for once. The bad guy, turned good. In most of the Pretty Cure series the bad guys get no development, and the good guys get some. But in FPC! we get loads of development,which is why I enjoy it so much. Now my thoughts on Cure Passion? I was disappointed when I found it she was Setsuna, but during this last episode I was glad. Shes great, and I really and truly will enjoy seeing her as a cure. A cute,nice,moe and tsundere girl for the group. A mixture of all three. And naturally,Miyuki will be helping them out (Now that she knows their secret) kinda acting like a guide.

Now for somethign everyone wants to know.

Is there a fifth Cure?

if theres no second season of this,I doubt it. Now,if they have a second season,yes (Like Max heart and Go! Go! ) Now heres some possible names:

Cure Lime!

Lime fruit ( 😮 )

Cure Guava!

Guava fruit!


So today,on my beautiful search for new episodes, I am pleased to say Rizumu hatches next week,yay!

Now back on topic, looking at the new episodes for Fresh Pretty cure! I promise you, my summaries are back on track! Why? Cure Passion is arriving and here is the last episode name:

Eas VS Cure Passion!


So is Eas Cure Passion? what do YOU think?

Sample_Picture02Ah the flowers of time…

Now that I am out of school, I will be blogging more, and sumarizing more (hopefully)  I really thank my readers for being patient with me!

Now Fresh Pretty cure!

Basically, Eas has a new card that when she uses it hurts her…

The Cures get so wron out they faint from fatigue and…


curepassionCan you guess who it is?

Eas!And here she is performing “Passion Arrow!”

(for those who love it and have an Igoogle I made it a theme email for the info)

The design I love it, like a Goth Lolita style huh?

et cetera