Random Awesomenss (not)

{January 30, 2009}   Yes! PreCure episode 48 END

pc5gogo48-00This episode was awesome! I loved the animation, the whole “Hope” theme  and “End-of-the-season” Sadness, made me cry  The end espeacially.


So the boss has Injured the PC5 badly, but Nozomi stands up and so does the rest of the PC5. The grow Butterfly wings and attack him, but he throws millions of balls at them andcovers them.

Just as he’s about to kill them off, Syrup stops him, for a minute. but he quickly trys to stop him. Nats and Coco shield him, yelling” Pratact!”

After that the PC5 stand up with milky rose, and everyone gives them their strength together thay defeat Boss.

At the end, Milky shows Flora her Aoi Bara. Flora is happy, but announces she is to die. and Asks Nozomi to “Protect” the Cure Garden from evil until the new Cures are as strong as them.

She floats into the air, and disappears. All that is left of her is a rainbow seed.  Coco and Nozomi plant her, and help her grow together.


Normally, I would hate PC5 for sucky animation and poor plot. But today the animation was astounding, and I was quicklyamused by this, I hope it stays~!

pc5gogo48-01That’s right Precures! Stand up~! Fight~!

The whole “Hope” theme is just wonderful.

pc5gogo48-02The PreCure’s hope makes me so happy, I might cry…

Especially how Karen hated everyone at the beginning now she wants to help them~!

pc5gogo48-09Nuuuu~ Don’t die~! I’ll miss you… ;.;

pc5gogo48-16OMFG IT’S RAINING LETTERS! Actually the song Heart to heart let them link is playing in the background and it’s sad.

pc5gogo48-30Milky rose! Flower explosion (Something like that) is really wonderful it’s all of their powers together showing their hope



freshprecurepreviewOh my god~! It’s sailor moon in a Precure suit~!0.0

et cetera