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oh-noOkay so Ifigured out my sisters password, it was HollyXEdwardcullen. So now I can blog! But..SHUGOCHARAISONHOLDJUSTWHENTHELOCKANDKEYWEREABOUTTOUNITE! They even drew the cover for the next one too! It’s about health issues. I mean they have a LOT of  assistants why can’t they help? Man P-pit your making me soooooooooo mad, I, I I WILL BE AVENGED! I mean making us live thru fillers now this? P-pit PLEASE GET BETTER SOON! NO.. NOW!

EDIT: P-pit is in the hospital! Ppl if u know how to contact them email me at neoquenserenity22@gmail and tell me how so I can tell them get well!

{December 1, 2008}   Shugo chara chapter 36

Scans credited to Piece to piece on Baidu.com





 So in Chapter 35 Utau appeared as Seraphic Charm to help out. (Everyones here)



She uses a new attack, White  wing to distract the monster, Telling Amu and Tadase to go ahead.




 So El and Il switch out and they use their attack. While Yaya uses her ducks with long lashes. Which the dog falls in love with. The two and their chara’s smile at their work but frown when they remember Amu and Tadase are sill saving Ikuto


While Gozen is watching everyone from his chair. Maybe he IS obsese, like W-ALLEshugo37-7

And the little kid is holding a STONE in his hands. Wow PEACH-PIT a STONE next he’ll be holding metal!shugo37-8

And Amu and Tadase find Ikuto. Who’s transformed his Violin into a scythe.


Yoru becomes worried and notices Ikuto doing this.shugo37-10

Amu tries to use Heart rod, but Ikuto throws those away from her. He’s about to turn her into dog mush but…….shugo37-11

Tadase saves her with a swprd. Wow….-speechless- Both Miki and Yoru are surprised at this. I haven’t seen Miki and Su in…forever.shugo37-12

Amu has no clue what’s going on. And she wants to know what to do. Because She’s watching the two people she loves most fight.shugo37-13

And stupid fat-ass stepfather laughs.GRRRRRshugo37-141

And Yoru gets the key!shugo37-15

Amu sees an image of Ikuto crying…shugo37-16

She realizes she can put the key in the lock. She begins too……..

et cetera