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{February 12, 2009}   Valentines day Banner~! -.-

calendar2Happy Valentines Day? Thankfully not yet, I hate Hallmark holidays -.-. But~ But But But But! We’ll get a Valentines filler for like EVERY Anime I watch, (Thankfully not Jigoku Shoujo, Ai is too cool for love).

Why in the world do I Hate Valentines Day? It was created by Hallmark to make People spend their money, Just like Grandmother’s day, or Mothers day, or Father’s day. I just don’t celebrate those days. Now here’s a question I might be asked, If you don’t celebrate why’s their a Banner? There’s a banner just so my other Admin’s aren’t sad.

{February 2, 2009}   Fresh Precure episode 01


We start off with a strange Hawk mascot bringing a cute mascot to a shrine praying that the new “Senshi Cures” will be awakened. A big thunder bolt blasts him and the cuter mascot down. The cute mascot who was sleeping says “Cuwa?” breaking the shrines gates (and freaking the old Hawk mascot) and small rods (that remind me of Chibi moons rods) come floating out.

The little rods begin to fly around him, while old Hawk dude’s shocked, and cute mascot is like Huh?

They begin to fly arond a create the symbol on his head.  They disappear and he begins to sing “Cuwa cuwa Cuwa!”


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Back to summary…

Love is crying and Inori (Yamabuki! She’s related to Saaya!) is asking what’s wrong. Miki tells Inori something like “She must’ve left her lunch at home again.”  So Inori trys to cheer her up.  Love says something about “Senpai Supa and Urara” and crys again. They respond “Huuuuhh!?”

In her flashback  Urara is trying to go to this “Senpai”  Love is trying to make her Confident befor approaching Senpai.

He begins to walk up and Love pushes Urara to go on.

Love tells her friends  what is happening, with tears in her eyes.  Miki want t know what happened, while Inori obviously has little interest.

Back to the confession Senpai says he only likes her as a friend.

Inori and Miki are dumbfounded.

Back to the flashback…

Love is obviously mad and begins spinning him around. She tells him “Please you must Sempai! You have to love Urara Please sempai!” and shakes him violently.

Whilr this is happening Urara gets mad at Love for shaking him like that. Love doesn’t hear and begins shaking him up and down.

He begins telling her “I-I get it but..” Love just gets madder, but Urara takes her off of him.

Urara drags him away, and we get back to Love.

Inori and Miki are shocked by this and try to calm her down.

Miki loans her a handkerchief.  Inori and Miki tell each other their glad she’s their friend while Love gets better waaaaay too quickly. Love tells them she’ll get Sempai back later, and onward thru the day~! But Miki leaves to walk with IKUTO? THE HAIR AND EYES AND NAME ARE THE SAME BUT PERSONALITY IS WAYYYYYY OFF! *goes into a spaz attack*

Miki tells them something like ‘That’s right U-Um. Oh Come onn~ Bye Bye!” And leaves. Love and Inori are shocked Miki actually likes someone. (I swear we have no character development the least they could do is give us more Character details)

Inori says “Well they make a cute couple” or something of the sort. Inori has to leave, and Love says Bye~!

The episode title is “I’m a fresh? Cure Peach arrives” Something like that…

While walking the Pink Key notices Love. While running to the Donut shop Love gets lost in the woods! While trying to find her way she runs into a series of trails.

(Summary shortened from here)

She sees a mansion and walks into it, and is greeted by a fortune teller who asks her to come so she can take her fortune.

While the girl is Taking Love’ fortune she talks about her day.

The girl says something that makes Love really happy. That I cannot translate…  Love goes home, happily skipping home.

After that, this and that hapens leading Love to protect Miruki-san.

The pink chibi moon stick flys into Love’s phone creating a pink barrier, that’s protecting them. The phone turns into a white and pink Ipod like thing. Cuwa mascot makes her transform without knowing here is what she says: (non translated): Changi Puri Kyua! Minto Hartpet! Minta wa Harto wa ia wa shirushiri Mon agte Freshu, Kyua Peachu! (rough Japanese translation) Sesnhu~ Puri Kyua!

Cure Peach quickly defeats the monster with “Puri Kyua! Rabu, Sanshine (Translation: Pretty Cure! Love, Sunshine!)

Isu and Love talk and Love declares she’ll protect Peoples Love.

Love can’t believe what she just did. She makes sure Miyuki is okay, then she thinks back to what she just did and is freaked out by it. She wonders if that self is her true self(Like Shugo chara!) She thinks it was a dream before realizing the Key pouch is attached to her waist.


So Cat mascot explains to Love she’s a Precure and a new Precure arrives, it’s Inori-chan~!

{January 15, 2009}   Out of randomness

cloudkitNot that you care but, I need free hosting site ideas. I feel like leaving wordpress, it’s boring and I hate it… I’m fed up with it, changing so much and it’s harder to work on posts, so if you have any ideas, feel free to give them to me ^^

Nakayosi has updated~! So because this is my Dads computer I can’t save any pics…..*cries* But I’m copying and pasting!

Okay so copying and pasting does not work…………

So there’s two short SC! Stories, Amu’s being Safeguard the character! and the chara’s is  Protection of her character…..X_X but no real SC! T_T.

It also looks like theres a cute tote bag with can pop I think…….

And an All-star calendar.Whoopee!

So like the title says we have a new administrator, Fuyumaiden! She’ll be a temporary administrator, though. You see I’m leaving on a big trip tommorow. It’s our annual trip, but we’re making it longer. You see from Monday to Sunday We’ll be at the Oregon Coast. Then from Sunday to Sunday we’ll be at San Francisco and Oakland visisting my Dad. Then from Sunday to Sunday we’ll be at Disneyland! I’m not allowed to bring my laptop because it will ruin my “Quality family time”. You see it’s soooooooooo big this year that  my family from Baton Rouge is coming! And of course I’m in charge of driving Me, My little sister, My two cousins, and my 17 year old sister, Randa. Oh joy……..

EDIT:   Yay! They came in! My sister Randa, and cousin Toni came in! They give a warm welcome to all Otaku! God you sould have heard Randa on the way back.  She was sooo annoying complaining on how I only have burned J-pop CD’s, How I have The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya bobble heads, How I was wearing my” I would die for Haruhi.” T-shirt. How there were Vocaloid bobble heads, How I had Ran, Miki, Su, X-dia, Yoru and Kiseki hanging from my Mirror. “GAH! SHADDAPU!” I yelled. Totally mad. Man I think I’ll email Fuyumaiden a lttle rant for her to post up…  When we got home, She was totally dissing my Shugo Chara! posters. Oh wait I hear a maddening scream….. Yep she got out my SC! towel.  Wait-where was I? Oh yeah. When she walked into my room, Kitten came to see her. “Awww how cute…” She said, till she realized my collar had Aria’s Aria-sacchou figure  attached to it. “Eeek! What did you do it?” She asked. Man she’s bothersome.. Well bye for now!

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