Random Awesomenss (not)

{November 30, 2008}   Nakayoshi december edition

Alright Nakayoshi has updated! This looks really cool! Seraphic charm is on the front. I wonder if they’ll reach Ikuto……. decembersceditionThe chara for volume 8 is blue…Hmmmm thats are poll! Which chara do you think will be on the cover? I’m guessing Kiseki or Temari. Also with it is a cute short story I have the preview.

























Poll time!

{November 28, 2008}   Holiday switch!

Nani?It’s time for the holidays! We have a new schedule! I will instead of screencapping Doki and Aria I will be reviewing them instead. (I just can’t stop looking at Dia and her cuteness!) I will go over Shugo chara! chapters with you, I’ll be talking about different anime. I’ll be reviewing blogs. We’ll be real busy! And to top it off I’ll be making pictures out of randomness!

Ok for those of you wondering why Im SUPER excited…… I have a surprise……… Can you guess what it is? I’ll give you a hint. What Manga left us off on a huge cliffhanger in october? What person’s “arc” (I don’t know what to call it ^^) ended in october? Know it now? YES! If you guessed Shugo Chara! your right! Nakayoshi’s official site updated today thanks to it being close to the day were supposed to get it! Well this post will be frequently updated. It’s somewhat small I’m sorry. But it’s better than nothing. So what do YOU think’ll happen? I have a poll at the bottom. EDIT: CUTE NEW PIC!

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