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{July 12, 2009}   Fresh Pretty cure! episode 23

Wow… I loved this episode! You know how I usually hate Setsuna/Eas? Well in this episode, I cried because of Love and Eas.


We start off with a quick flashback from the last episode where Eas decides its enough and transforms back to Setsuna infront of Cure Peach. Then she destroys the clover necklace Love gave to her a while back. We go back to Love in her bed, shes heartbroken over this and is sad. Miki and Inori come to comfort her and the three go out to fight Eas/Setsuna. Love transforms, and only Love transforms, because this fight is for Eas and Peach only. The two fight for a while before Eas begins talking to her,going through a flashback that made me cry and pity her. Mainly because, we had never known how much she actually suffered.  Then Peach and Eas collide, and Eas gives up. Love Miki and Inori help her see who she really is. Then Love finds a clover and hands it to Eas. Just as she’s about to touch it she collapses and Wester says she died? Peach,Miki and Inori cry. Then Chiffons head turns red and the red Akarun rushes to Setsuna, whos in some strange place. She tells her she was trying to reach Setsuna, but never could. Even when Miyuki and her were fighting. The two become Cure Passion! After talking to Wester and Souler, she turns around and walks away. Leaving Peach,who falls in the mud chasing after her.


Setsuna’s Distress! “I Can’t Be a Pretty Cure

So Setsuna has no where to go because shesno longer Eas. She meets up with love and her parents and becomes Cure Passion! to fight…


Animation: Excellent, A +

Plot: Very good A 

Dialogue: A+

Overall: A++


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