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{February 21, 2009}   Shugo chara episode 71 summary

No screen caps, sorry ><.


Amu and Tadase are choosen to watch a bunch of Little kids,near Kairi’s town. While arriving  at the hotel they talk about Kairi . And talk about him, Miki and Kiseki sense a Chara and see Kairi spying on them. Miki is captured, buy Kiseki tells them where they are. Amu, Tadase and Kairi are having tea, while the chara’s are torturing Kiseki. Amu almost spills her Tea, but Kairi stops that.

A kid spills his tea, and Kairi goes and helps him (D’awwwww) Kairi entertains the kids, and teachers,later the teachers about something. The kids are out of hand, but Nikaidou makes planes that the chara’s ride on(And Su scolds Kiseki for standing up in mid air (Lol))

Later, the Amu and Tadase are talking to Kairi about how happy they are that he’s there. Something Amu says makes Kairi sad/mad and he buys a water and Tadase and Amu walk, but Tadase notices Kairi is leaving so he goes over him. Tadase chara changes and makes Kairi bow to him. Leaving him embaressed. Amu is looking for the two, but over hears Tadase and Kairi talking. Amu gets mad at him and the two argue, Amu trying to talk to him about how she feels, making Kairi frustrated, and hurt so he leaves. A kid asks Kairi wat’s wrong,but he thus ignores. At a lake Tadase and Amu are sitting space, whil Kairi is practicing his fighting skills. He wants, to break her ‘happiness’ but Musashi and his flashbacks stop him.

Kairi finds out a kid from Seiyo academy is lost in the woods, Amu is looking for him. Whil Suu trys to find clues from  a Deer. Tadase and Kiseki find Suu, who helps lead them to where amu and the kid is. amu is going  a ravine but she slips and Tadase grabs her.The two relax him but a thunderstorm brews. A tree is struck by lightning and Kairi saves the three. Kairi and Tadase Kyara Nari (With Kairi doing the new thing) they fix the problem and the kid thinks the two are “Cool” Nikaidou brings him back. Kairi apologizes t oAmu, and he forgives him. Something Amu says makes Kairi laugh.


Lulu’s Grandma helps Amu and goes to the Royal Garden, More Lulu improvement.


Plot- B-


Anime – A

Animation – A



Overall- A-

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Jigoku shoujo Mitsuganae episode 18

{February 2, 2009}   Fresh Precure episode 01


We start off with a strange Hawk mascot bringing a cute mascot to a shrine praying that the new “Senshi Cures” will be awakened. A big thunder bolt blasts him and the cuter mascot down. The cute mascot who was sleeping says “Cuwa?” breaking the shrines gates (and freaking the old Hawk mascot) and small rods (that remind me of Chibi moons rods) come floating out.

The little rods begin to fly around him, while old Hawk dude’s shocked, and cute mascot is like Huh?

They begin to fly arond a create the symbol on his head.  They disappear and he begins to sing “Cuwa cuwa Cuwa!”


fpcop-01fpc0p-02fpcop-03fpcop-04 snag_program-0142

Back to summary…

Love is crying and Inori (Yamabuki! She’s related to Saaya!) is asking what’s wrong. Miki tells Inori something like “She must’ve left her lunch at home again.”  So Inori trys to cheer her up.  Love says something about “Senpai Supa and Urara” and crys again. They respond “Huuuuhh!?”

In her flashback  Urara is trying to go to this “Senpai”  Love is trying to make her Confident befor approaching Senpai.

He begins to walk up and Love pushes Urara to go on.

Love tells her friends  what is happening, with tears in her eyes.  Miki want t know what happened, while Inori obviously has little interest.

Back to the confession Senpai says he only likes her as a friend.

Inori and Miki are dumbfounded.

Back to the flashback…

Love is obviously mad and begins spinning him around. She tells him “Please you must Sempai! You have to love Urara Please sempai!” and shakes him violently.

Whilr this is happening Urara gets mad at Love for shaking him like that. Love doesn’t hear and begins shaking him up and down.

He begins telling her “I-I get it but..” Love just gets madder, but Urara takes her off of him.

Urara drags him away, and we get back to Love.

Inori and Miki are shocked by this and try to calm her down.

Miki loans her a handkerchief.  Inori and Miki tell each other their glad she’s their friend while Love gets better waaaaay too quickly. Love tells them she’ll get Sempai back later, and onward thru the day~! But Miki leaves to walk with IKUTO? THE HAIR AND EYES AND NAME ARE THE SAME BUT PERSONALITY IS WAYYYYYY OFF! *goes into a spaz attack*

Miki tells them something like ‘That’s right U-Um. Oh Come onn~ Bye Bye!” And leaves. Love and Inori are shocked Miki actually likes someone. (I swear we have no character development the least they could do is give us more Character details)

Inori says “Well they make a cute couple” or something of the sort. Inori has to leave, and Love says Bye~!

The episode title is “I’m a fresh? Cure Peach arrives” Something like that…

While walking the Pink Key notices Love. While running to the Donut shop Love gets lost in the woods! While trying to find her way she runs into a series of trails.

(Summary shortened from here)

She sees a mansion and walks into it, and is greeted by a fortune teller who asks her to come so she can take her fortune.

While the girl is Taking Love’ fortune she talks about her day.

The girl says something that makes Love really happy. That I cannot translate…  Love goes home, happily skipping home.

After that, this and that hapens leading Love to protect Miruki-san.

The pink chibi moon stick flys into Love’s phone creating a pink barrier, that’s protecting them. The phone turns into a white and pink Ipod like thing. Cuwa mascot makes her transform without knowing here is what she says: (non translated): Changi Puri Kyua! Minto Hartpet! Minta wa Harto wa ia wa shirushiri Mon agte Freshu, Kyua Peachu! (rough Japanese translation) Sesnhu~ Puri Kyua!

Cure Peach quickly defeats the monster with “Puri Kyua! Rabu, Sanshine (Translation: Pretty Cure! Love, Sunshine!)

Isu and Love talk and Love declares she’ll protect Peoples Love.

Love can’t believe what she just did. She makes sure Miyuki is okay, then she thinks back to what she just did and is freaked out by it. She wonders if that self is her true self(Like Shugo chara!) She thinks it was a dream before realizing the Key pouch is attached to her waist.


So Cat mascot explains to Love she’s a Precure and a new Precure arrives, it’s Inori-chan~!

{February 1, 2009}   Damn you youtube!

phantom_of_the_opera_by_frauluminaraI hate youtube! Repeadetly now all of my videos were deleted. Apparently by me. Which really makes me pissed. Now all of my subscribers were deleted! So I officially hate youtube. And Veoh won’t let me upload either. Thankfully my Back-up-account officialshugochara is letting me. But how long will it be up for?

insertInsert sarcasm! Just kidding, their not back….YES THEY ARE! Pech-pit is finally out! So chapter 37 will be out in Febuary! Woo hoot!

{December 20, 2008}   Weekly SCCS review.

darkjewelcardFirst off that’s a Card I made for now apparent reason, Lol. Next subject… SCCS (Shugo Chara Canadian style) I love the Fanfic alot, it keep my over-reactive fangirl mode at a low. (For a while at least)  This week in chapter 32, it was Kukai’s birthday so they all lanned him an awesome B-day, getting him some Soccer earrings, a bracelet, and a skateboard. After that they all got registered at the school they we’re going to. You know getting their ID, Schedule, the usual. Then they began to go to the Principals office… DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNN. .

Sneak Peek

When the arrived in the foyer, the Grade Sevens were piling down the stairs from the cafeteria, and the Grade Eights began filing through the front doors.







“BALA!” Bala added for good measure, even though only Laura and the other Guardians could hear her.

“Kairi, it’s nice to see you again!” Alma giggled, going over and hugging him. Laura, behind Kairi began counting seconds, and tapping her foot.

“…3,2,1! Times up! Let go!” she crowed, yanking her best friend from her boyfriend.

“What? He’s my friend too!” Alma protested, as Laura dragged her up the caf stairs.

“…He’s my boyfriend.” Laura whispered forcefully in her ear.


When the Eights arrived at the cafeteria, the first thing they were given was their class lists and schedules.

“Hey! We’re all in class 8-1!” Amu exclaimed, after examining everyone’s schedules.

“No, we’re in class 8-1-FI. French Immersion!” Izzy said, comparing hers to Nadeshiko’s.

“But we have Science, English, and Gym together! Look, it even says right there! ‘Science: Mr Friesden with 81, English: Mr Bergstein with 81, and Gym: Mr Manfred with 81’” Alma pointed to Nagihiko’s schedule and her own.

“Ohh! So that’s what those little funny numbers mean!” Laura exclaimed as Kairi explained that the numbers were the class numbers.

After getting the schedules they handed in the paperwork, (which took a while since Amu forgot hers in her purse, which coincidentally was with Ikuto) and got all their school ID and school photos. Laura had accidentally walked behind Kairi while his picture was being taken, and so on his school ID card, Laura’s jean-clad legs were featured behind his head.

Eventually, it was Kukai and Erica’s turn to register. They did the same things except Kukai shoved his head in Erica’s picture, and Erica put her fingers in the peace sign in front of his face. While they were waiting for registration, they met up with Jessica, Elizabeth, Jayne and Ann.

Finally, nearly two hours later, when Utau and Ikuto had finished registering, the Guardians, minus Jill who had left with Marley that morning, left for their meeting with the principal, Mr Nakamura…

et cetera