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{February 16, 2009}   Fresh Pretty cure-episode 03

My Lovely friends~ We will soon have all four Fresh Pretty cures~! I would like to thank a commenter who helped me translate Berry’s attack it’s “Spore Sunshine!” Thank you~


Like always my Summaries are quick, and I usually kepp them short, to use less space.

Inori is walking to school and has a flashback of her and Love talking about Love and Miki dancing with Miyuki, Inori gets sad.

Inori goes to a church and prays.The yellow rod is watching her intently.

At Love’s house Love shows Miki Tart and Chiffon, who are looking intently at Miki.

Inori is walking to the stage and sees that no one is there, she gets sad and goes home. At her house/Animal hospital she sees a boy struggling to walk a dog. At Love’s house Miki is day dreaming about how wonderful being a Pretty cure is, and how rich they could get. The next day, Eas turns a dog into a feroucious Monster~ Oh noesss~ Miki and Love transform. Inori is trying to get everybody to come back. Miki and Love start fighting with the dog but get no where. Inori tells them to stop it and runs in front of the three. Inori gets the dog to lay down and begs them to not hurt it. The dog gets up and is about to attack Inori, but Peach and Berry carry her off. Her phone “Falls” out and yellow rod runs into it, she changes into Cure Pine.  Her attack is “Healing fresh or Shine” something like that.

Next week they use powers to help a clown~! YAY~!






{February 10, 2009}   Fresh Pretty cure episode 2~!

We start out with Miki running to some fountain, then Jump into the opening.

In her room, Miki is getting ready for a date with Kasuki school. She says something like “Now I’m ready!”

Love is having a dream about the previos nights’ events. She wakes up to see Tart smiling at her. While they stare at each other, Chiffon is playing on her rolling chair.(Lolz) She tries to tell herself it’s a dream, and shuts her eyes, but Tart starts talking to her.  Love and Tart decide to work together to prtect the Earth~!

While at a park, Eas transforms and makes a Fruit vending machine transform.

Miki and Kasuki are on a date when it attacks them, she runs but Kasuki tells her to leave him and she picks him up and helps him. They run into the bathroom, and she trys to open a window she calls Love and tells her to hurry and find her.

Miki is banging on the window, while Kasuki notices the juice is coming in.

The Blue rod finds Miki. Kasuki gets out the window, but Miki is left inside, the blue rod dives into her pone, making a new pouch. Like Love she automatically transforms, becoming Cure Berry! Her transform sppech is “Blue heart’s love mark, Cure Berry!” Love finds her and transforms too.

Her attack is hard to translate but is something Shine.

Love brings Miki to Miyuki and they dance.

At the end, the last Precure is watching sadly.

Next time

Cure Pine appears~!





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