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{May 14, 2009}   So…so busy~
You expect me to make a video? You expect me to do ALL this? NO BLOGGING!?

You expect me to make a video? You expect me to do ALL this? NO BLOGGING!?

I am so freakin busy these days, I have no time to do anything! Literally! (besides Twitter) But basically I had to make a few videos one of which will be uploaded onto allstaralice on Youtube, I’ve had finals, exams, ODS, BUSY BUSY ME! So basically,no upsate from me until Next wednesday, Ciao 😛

{January 25, 2009}   SCCS Chapter 35 review…Right?

whitestormAngelle…Ish…Tired…I got back from D.C. yesterday…Went to see sister’s play “The Seussical Musical” came home, watched DOKI then went to see sleep, at 12:00((After like reading Kitchen princess a BILLION times)) So here’s my review…

This chapter was short, but very good ((In my terms it was short)) I actually liked it though ^^ -stomach growls- 0.0 I’m hungry too…

Here’s a preview: ((Too lazy for Summary))

“Hey, where are Alma, Jessica and Izzy?” Nagihiko asked, as the aforementioned girls were supposed to be helping him set up the cake.

“Alma told me she was going to Saskatchewan.” Rima told them.

“Jess told me she had to go visit Steph in Europe.” Liz piped up.

“Izzy told me she was going to Florida.” Kaila volunteered.

“I was told by Alma she was sick.” Emmy said, as she pushed a couch to make room for the giant cake.

“Jessica told me she had a family emergency!” Kukai grunted, as he and Ikuto brought in a box of more party stuff.

“Izzy told me that her grandma was in town.” Yaya told Laura as she tried to ‘help’ get rid of some extra cookies.

“Well, Alma told me that she won a trip around the world from National Geographic with two friends, who are Izzy and Jessica. So yeah.” Laura exclaimed from her post by the door.

“It’s really too bad Alma’s not here.” Rima commented, throwing a secretive glance towards Nagihiko. Over the last few weeks, she had developed a crush on the dancer boy. She’d never admit to anyone though.

“It’s 5 to 6, and Tadase’s never late!” Kairi noted, as everyone found a hiding place.

“Where is everyone Tadase-koi?” Amu asked, as he let them in with his key, 2 minutes to six.

“Erm, I don’t know. Let’s go downstairs!” he replied. 30 seconds left.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Everyone burst out of hiding places, yelling and throwing party favours. Amu about fainted.

“Wow! Thank you everyone!” she smiled, and squeezed Tadase’s hand.

“Right on time.” Laura smiled as well, and kissed her boyfriend’s cheek.

“Aren’t I always?” Kairi replied cheekily.

An hour later, after some snacks and pizza, everyone was munching on triple chocolate cake, with vanilla sprinkles and strawberries, as Amu opened her presents.

And the link:http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4467432/35/Shugo_Chara_Canadian_Style

Good night -falls asleep-

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